ISA 2016 Imagination, Adventure, Discovery

Welcome to 

VIMSPGIA'S International Summer Academy 

We are delighted to present our exciting summer programs open to ages 3-16

Imagination Program: open to ages 3-5

Adventure Program: open to ages 6-7

Discovery Program: open to ages 8-16

Summer is upon us, and there are choices to make.  Many research studies point to the benefits of summer learning, citing the lasting impact of quality summer experiences, which should start early, and continue even through the middle and high school years. 

Help your children stay active, healthy and inspired by choosing activities that will enhance their learning in a well prepared setting, while encouraging them to take risks, try new activities, make new friends and catch up or get ahead where desired. 
The International Summer Academy held at VIMSPGIA'S  beautiful campus will provide a safe learning environment and give each participating student the opportunity to build friendships and stay active throughout the summer months. We seek to instill in our children a love of learning, while working to give them a competitive edge as they compete on a global landscape.

Click on "classes offered by week" for the Discovery Program (ages 8-16) to check out and see what is available to your child during the weeks that you will be on island. Class sizes are limited, so if you and your child see something of interest, it's best to register right away before the classes fill up.